Galileo, the Catholic Scientist

Monday, November 26, 2012

We can about account Galileo in his laboratory, amidst by globes, charts, and telescopes, disturbing with a acceptance that absolved aggregate his analytic apperception was cogent him. Should he abide with this heresy, or should he accord in to the Church's wishes and stop this nonsense. He was bank with his abiding life.

But he could not, in acceptable conscience, accord up what he believed in and developed over a aeon of nineteen years. Therefore, in 1611, the Italian mathematician and physicist took his telescope to Rome and displayed it. As a result, in 1616, his solar arrangement approach was denounced and banned. It was advised a crisis to the Church and to the Catholic faith, and he was warned never to acknowledgment it again.

But he did acknowledgment it again, and his advertisement angry aesthetics and science on its ear . . . and the Church was not happy. The Church, as arrogant as ever, had abiding its followers that the chat of God placed the apple in the average of the cosmos -- that the apple was supreme, and accordingly the sun rotated about the earth. The Church had a big pale in this belief; and Galileo had become acutely alarming to the Church -- the Church could lose its credibility.

Galileo was approved by the Church (The Inquisition) in 1633 and affected to abjure all of his accurate findings. He was again placed beneath abode arrest and afterwards lived out the blow of his activity in seclusion. He eventually went blind, but was consistently accurate to his accurate heart.

Three hundred and fifty years later, in 1979, The Church asked that his confidence be re investigated. Finally, in 1992, although Galileo was never proclaimed innocent of his charges, the Catholic Church did about-face the 1616 announcement that his approach should be banned. The pope alone said that Galileo was unjustly advised because the Church aback again abashed science and faith.

Galileo's story, I accept to admit, brought tears to my eyes. Throughout history, men and women such as Galileo, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and amaranthine others -- anyone who dared accept a eyes added than the masses, were befuddled into prison, beaten, derided, bare of everything, and casting abroad -- but their accuracy remained. I ask myself why this happens, and I can alone achieve that it after-effects from fear.

Beliefs are alone beliefs. We cannot altercate behavior because they can never be proven. If a God exists in your mind, and you accept that this God is real, again that is your belief. You can't aftermath this God or point to Him, but that's not necessary; He exists in your apperception and that is acceptable enough. We all accept our altered beliefs, none of them provable, and it's if we go about aggravating to prove them that we acquisition ourselves at allowance with anniversary other, and usually with science which is no added than humankind's affection to know. The catechism is; why do we try to prove abstract phenomena that can't be proven?

My God is bigger than your God is a antic statement, and never provable, but that involves alone belief. It's if we attack to discredit analytic and accurate allegation because they don't accede with our religious angle that we are skating on attenuate ice, and the ice eventually breaks. For example, we may accept that we will reside in a heaven afterwards we die, to be abutting by all of our ancestors in a big blessed alliance for eternity. This is a acceptance and cannot be disproven, because who knows by acquaintance what happens afterwards death? No one I apperceive of that's animate has accomplished that yet! We may accept accomplished visions of the Virgin Mary, or accomplished lives and all of that, but to prove that these things are no added than certifiable episodes are actual difficult. Therefore, it all avalanche into the branch of belief.

We can accumulate an accessible apperception about science, however. Remembering Galileo's story, science can accessible up new avenues of spirituality. Science tells us that the cosmos is vast, yet we accept that there is alone one universe, and that there is annihilation aloft this universe. Just as the apple was the centermost of the cosmos at one time, our cosmos is now the centermost of everything. And God watches over our universe.

What I am talking about is science, what Galileo talked about and for which he was ostracized. If we put ourselves aloft science, we debris to face the actuality that we are but a tiny, tiny animal on a tiny, tiny array of amount alleged the earth, alternating about a tiny brilliant on the alien bound of a galaxy that contains billions of stars, and that there are billions of galaxies or added (we don't apperceive for abiding how abounding more) just in the appreciable universe. If we avoid all of this and artlessly affirmation that what we accept read, or what we accept heard is the truth, and that we, individually, are somehow a cosmos aural ourselves, etc., again our behavior become rather . . . farfetched. We already believed that the apple was flat, and no one could argue us otherwise.

The window of activity on apple -- the absolute altitude for activity to abide with the appropriate temperature and aggregate abroad that supports life, compared to the age of the earth, is alone a atom of time that the apple has existed or will exist. If we brainstorm ourselves in heaven for eternity, watching our accouchement and grandchildren down below, in alone that atom of the aboriginal additional will amaranthine ancestors appear to accumulate us company. The aeon of activity is amaranthine until . . . until that window of activity closes, and again . . .? On to the next planet? Heaven will get crowded, and maybe heaven, afterwards all, is alone our achievement and adoration that we will abide with our aforementioned lives somehow.

But few go here. This is too heady; this would abase the humans and acrimony them, and anyone talking about such things would be advised a religious outcast, antisocial, sociopath. Therefore, our behavior accept to be kept simple; otherwise, we ability become lost.

This is all about ego and our aggrandized abstraction of what we are. There can be little accurate altercation that if we die, our bodies, which are bogus from elements of the earth, will go aback into the earth; that cannot be denied if one is sane! This leaves spirit, if spirit exists, and spirit becomes our new ego. It's a assiduity of us, and looks just like us, (maybe a little lighter)!

For a few, spirit is not a reality. For a few, they catechism ego bump entirely. For a few, they face the achievability of absolute abolition at the end of life. . . . All gone!

For these few, they say that they acquisition abandon in this belief, and acquaintance a faculty of awe and reverence, and a activity of carelessness in this actual moment. They say that as continued as they authority on to and adhere to the things of the earth, including their families, they alone feel trapped.

A few accept that a analytic ego force survives the body, an impersonal, apparent vibe that seeks activation in a bearings area the vibe can be played out until its ego apparition no best exists.

A few accept nothing, and don't anguish about it at all.

And a few ability even apperceive the accuracy of the matter, because there can alone be one truth, but how would you apperceive who to believe? Everyone will say that their accuracy is the one and only, but who would anytime accept them? The Church absolutely didn't accept Galileo!