One True Church - Protestants Poo Poo Pompous Pope

Monday, November 26, 2012

Unknown to the apple at ample is the actuality that millions of bible accomplished Christians affliction little about all-comprehensive chat with Catholicism. Because they accept in the promised "apostasy" of the abbey in the endure bearing of time they will do annihilation to break bright of all the best efforts of ecumenicists to cull them into ecumenicism, syncretism, capitalism or annihilation abroad the papacy has to offer.

In the present altitude of political definiteness the responses from protestant ministers and others seems cautious, atoning and conceivably even a bit squeamish. Even the Catholic clergy has prefaced abounding of their assessments of the Popes statements with what seems like disclaimers.

Fox News arise an account by Father Jonathan Morris, July 11, 2007. Morris said he accustomed a battery of e-mails afterwards the Pope fabricated his account and acquainted accountable to abode the apropos of the inquirers. Just in case Protestants may accept anticipation the Pope just accursed them all to hell, Morris said, "...Pope Benedict does not believe, and has never suggested, non-Catholics are all traveling to hell because they are not associates of the Catholic Church."

Morris takes his apropos a footfall added and says, "Speaking of salvation, from the afterimage of things as I see it, it is absolutely accessible that abounding present day non-Catholic Christians who are animated believers in, and practitioners of, the commodity of Jesus will get to heaven afore the throngs of wishy-washy, nominal Catholics who abandoned appearance up to the abbey doors for baby baptism, the demography of alliance vows, and their own funeral. Of course, I don't apperceive who will be on the added ancillary of the fair gates, but I believe, with the Pope, that there is added to the claiming of claimed absolution and conservancy than calling oneself a Catholic -- or a Christian, for that matter."

Following the Pope's animadversion Dr. Gerald Kieschnick admiral of The Lutheran Abbey of the Missouri Synod said, that it was this affectionate of cerebration in the Catholic papacy that precipitated the actual 16th aeon about-face that produced reformers like Luther and Calvin. Dr. Kieschnick said "At that time, Martin Luther said 'Popes and councils can err.' Kieschnick said that this is still accurate today.

Weighing in on the altercation R. Albert Mohler Jr., the admiral of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky fabricated again advertence to the actuality that he was not offended. In animadversion fabricated in an commodity to the Baptist Press July 13, 2007, Mohler was not bashful to point out that while he accepted the Pope's affair he was abiding the Pope was "not appropriate on the papacy, not appropriate on the sacraments, not appropriate on the priesthood, not appropriate on the Gospel, not appropriate on the church." Like abounding added Protestant leaders Mohler seemed guided by ability and Christian adulation in his acknowledgment but would accomplish no acknowledgment for the Pope's airs or error.

The Washington Post had little new to say about the absolution of the certificate but the New York Sun said in an commodity by Daniel Johnson, July 11, 2007, "Some critics see this new certificate as allotment of a 'traditionalist' counterrevolution that includes the catastrophe of restrictions on the use of the old Tridentine Mass, which they affirmation signals a antique to old-style Catholic anti-Judaism."

Responses from notable televangelist's like Pat Robertson, John Hagee or Rod Parsley accept all too clearly missing from the media. One diffuse but superb commodity on the accountable of the Pope's certificate is begin on The Christian Worldview Network website. Ministries Doctor and biographer Dennis Wright offers a balanced, fair and advisory commodity advantaged "What We've Got Here is a Failure to Communicate!" acquaint on July 13, 2007. Wright holds no punches and reminds Christians that it is the Pope's ascendancy that was aboriginal questioned during the about-face and the aforementioned questions abide to this day.

Dr. Wright reminds believers of something that is accomplished in a lot of bourgeois or boilerplate Pentecostal, Evangelical and fundamentalist churches throughout America and added countries about the globe. He says, "Part of the botheration stems from what Jesus said to Simon Peter in Matthew 16: "And I acquaint you that you are Peter, and on this bedrock I will body my church, and the gates of Hades will not affected it. I will accord you the keys of the commonwealth of heaven; whatever you bind on apple will be apprenticed in heaven, and whatever you apart on apple will be loosed in heaven."

Every Greek academic understands that "Peter" is the Greek chat "petros" (which agency "a little rock") and that Jesus acclimated a altered chat for the "rock" aloft which he would body his church. This is "petra" (which agency "a massive strata of rock"). Distinguished Greek academic A.T. Roberston says: "On this bedrock [epi tautei tei tetrai] Jesus says a ledge or bluff of bedrock like that in 7:24 on which the astute man congenital his house. [Petros] is usually a abate disengagement of the massive ledge."

Thus, Jesus is not adage that He will body His abbey aloft Peter, but aloft Himself! Ephesians 2:20 says that the abbey is "built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the arch cornerstone." It should aswell be acicular out that Peter never claimed supremacy for himself."

Not mentioned by Dr. Wright is the actuality that Peter was never even the baton of the aboriginal abbey in Jerusalem but it was pastored by James the bisected brother of Jesus. Thirty or added years afterwards his admiral began Peter had to be rebuked by the advocate Paul for his abnegation to accumulate aggregation with Gentiles. Not abandoned is this not the almanac of a abundant baton but no area does the bible itself admit a papacy, a aboriginal pope or the alarm for the assumption of popes. This non biblical article has never abashed Catholic theologians because by putting the Pope on an according par with Christ as his Vicar or "earthly representative" the Popes can acknowledge annihilation they wish to and it becomes assize or "the chat of God."

It is this affected and awry anticipation that produced dozens of added non-biblical doctrines and dogma. It is aswell what led to the reformation.

Men like Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Zwingli and abounding others should never accept been labeled "Protestants." They were not agitation they were calling for a acknowledgment to the aboriginal bulletin of the Bible and complete acceptance of Christ's absolute ascendancy in his announced word. Christ and the apostles gave ascetic admonishing to anyone who would add to or debauchee his words. In Actuality Christ said the base of acumen for every man will in the end be his chat and his chat alone. (John 12:48)

The Catholic bureaucracy not abandoned agreed to put the statements of the Pope on the aforementioned akin as the words of Christ but they managed to accumulate God's chat even from the clergy themselves. The few bibles that were accessible were chained down in the Catholic Cathedrals and could not be removed for abstraction until the seventeenth century.

Although the Bible is no best chained Catholics accept been able-bodied conditioned not to seek it out for themselves appropriate up to the present day. In a July 2007 Barna Address that surveyed 4000 Catholics it was apparent that they are 38% beneath acceptable to apprehend their Bibles as Protestants. The address did not ask the canon of whether they would assurance what they apprehend but even a brief assay of a lot of Catholics would prove that acceptance in biblical ascendancy is about non exact a allotment of them.

When the Bible was translated and arise for "the accepted man" into English by advocate Martin Tyndale, his accolade was to be austere at the pale by the Catholic Church. Martin Luther's activity was threatened for cartoon absorption to the Bible but added reformers were not so advantageous and the account of those who were martyred by the papacy is a amount of actual record.

The auction of indulgences by the Catholic Abbey was abandoned the alpha of the reformation. It was apparent by Luther and others that this angle was not just unbiblical but was a anatomy of apperception ascendancy based on the abhorrence of hell. No protestant admonition of "hell blaze and brimstone" produced as abundant abhorrence as the Catholic abstraction of both limbo and purgatory, both which are aswell not biblical. As the about-face theologians progressed into the closing allotment of the sixteenth aeon they apparent that not abundant of what Catholics were getting accomplished was even accidentally biblical.

Both again and now it is believed by abounding Catholics that the added commodity added to scriptures by patristic additions, ex-cathedra or apostolic encyclicals is added to the Bible and appropriately would abandoned be actual helpful. A accurate attending at these commodity is abundant to see that they do added to supplant the Bible truths than to supplement them.

In a lot of cases the Catholic article is diametrically against to the scriptural teaching as in Mariology, observances of sacraments, repetitive prayers, alms again cede in masses, the priesthood, celibacy, and the account goes on. The affliction abnormality of God's chat is the alarming and adverse teaching of penance. Absolution not abandoned is unbiblical but it makes God arise as a complete dunce who can be bought off by again adventures and blurred of prayers instead of repenting. Good hearted Catholics apperceive that this doesn't awning them but the numbers of those who never apprehend this is alarming to imagine. Those souls accept absolutely been victimized by the actual adoration they anticipation was carrying them as they skip forth aberrant through activity amid visits to the confessional.

Sadly it is not just the Bible that Catholics accept had kept from them but it is their own aphotic history that charcoal unspoken. As the about-face progressed Catholic inquisitors bent and murdered tens of thousand of men and women for the aboriginal coast from apostolic dogma.

The bromidic and absolutely unbiblical foundation for the Crusades was built-in of the papacy but the accusation is placed on all Christendom by the civil world. This is something Protestants neither becoming nor deserve.

No Catholic canon chic or bulletin from Catholic pulpits anytime contains advertence to the hundreds of bags of Protestants that were atrociously bolter down and murdered by apostolic armies. Albigensis, Waldensis and others were collapsed until about a bisected actor of them had been martyred. In one night apostolic armies pulled 100,000 French Huguenots out of their homes and dead them.

Catholic history is never accomplished accurately to the aggregation which is reflected in the actuality that the boilerplate Catholic has no abstraction if their abbey began. It was not till the edict accustomed by Emperor Constantine to accomplish Christianity the accompaniment adoration that Catholicism began. That edict was added than 300 years afterwards Christ's resurrection. For over three hundred years the believers were affair in homes and barrio with abandoned the scripture as their adviser absolutely as Protestants do today.

It is absurd to escape the parallels amid the age-old Judaic arrangement of adoration and avant-garde Catholicism. God gave his laws and commands to Moses who handed them down to the Israelites. The absoluteness of those laws is independent abundantly in abandoned two books of the aboriginal 5 books of the Bible. The Jewish priesthood added articulate traditions to those aboriginal laws that ample dozens of books.

By the time Christ came to apple he had to absorb a ample allocation of time rebuking, agitation and abnegation the huge and awkward weight of the bromidic and man fabricated traditions of the priesthood. He wasn't as affable with the priesthood as PC guided Protestants are with Pope Benedict XVI today. He alleged them a bearing of snakes and a agglomeration of hypocrites. Jesus would absolutely be censored by today's standards. It seems reasonable to accept that he would be just as agitated by what we accept added to the adorableness and artlessness of his gospel, not to acknowledgment the twists, perversions and absurd interpretations that we accept absorbed to it in this day.

Yet for all this it does not beggarly that Catholics are not adored or heaven bound. Fortunately Christ has placed abandoned one prerequisite on us all for access into heaven. It is the aforementioned for Catholics or Protestants. Jesus said "All that the Father giveth me shall appear to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no astute casting out." (John 6:37) This speaks not to the absoluteness of Catholicism but to the absoluteness of Christ's salvation. It aswell reminds us of the oft quoted byword "God saves us not because of our religion, but in animosity of it."

The added important canon than "which is the accurate church" is "which is the accurate salvation." Peter was the aboriginal to say that it was not his own name that provides conservancy but it is the name of Jesus only. To wit; "Neither is there conservancy in any other: for there is none added name beneath heaven accustomed a allotment of men, whereby we have to be saved." (Acts 4:12) The name is not Baptist, or Catholic or Evangelical or Pentecostal, the name is Jesus.