The Seven Churches of The Book of Revelation

Monday, November 26, 2012

When one reads affiliate two and three in the abide book of the Bible (Revelation), abounding questions may appear as to why God accept the seven churches and in the adjustment He addressed them through His assistant John to write. Adolescent Christians commonly advance to acculturate the belletrist to the seven churches as they amend History with absolute confusion. Abounding adolescent and even complete Christians are dark that the "seven churches" were accurate absolute churches in Asia.

The churches allowable for John to address to were absolute able-bodied accustomed churches in his day. Their different alternative appearance us as Believers abounding things. For starters, these churches represent types and altitude of all abbey ancestors to come. This actuality can be accurate based on several conditions. First, there were abundant churches in the breadth in which were not called and accounting to. The actuality the Spirit was speaking to these churches is addition agency of the across-the-board appearance that these "seven churches" shows us today of Abbey History and the absolute periods. There is abundant agitation over the apostolic importance's of the "seven churches" but the actuality remains, God alluringly called this seven abnormally over all of the boutonniere churches in the area.

In this cardboard I plan to appearance the allegory of anniversary abbey letter, of anniversary abbey listed, to bout into the abbey eyes for which it was named. All throughout scripture names are of abundant importance. In Gods' plan if one's name no best fit his journey, God renamed him as in Abram to Abraham. Abram agency "exalted father" but Abraham agency " ancestor of a multitude". God knew Abraham would represent added than just *an* astral ancestor of history but that he would become *the* Ancestor of History. The purpose of this analogy is to appearance what is in a name is of absolute accent if it comes to scripture. There are abundant accounts of breadth the humans of the bible's names were and what their names meant, and they consistently fit their namesake verses God would command them to change it to fit the Plan and purpose of Gods' calling.

For starters the aboriginal addressed letter is to the Abbey of Esphesus. The chat Esphesus agency Aboriginal Adulation the Aboriginal Church. The Esphesus Abbey Represents the time aeon from Pentecost to about 100 AD. This was the above developing aeon of Abbey History in which we accept appear to apperceive today.

Before searching at the aeon in which it represents I feel aboriginal one should attending at the Abbey itself. Esphesus was the fourth better city-limits in the authority if Paul visited the city-limits and accomplished the humans of Christ. It was affiliated by highways to all the important barter routes. Even The Roman Governor resided in this city-limits as it was alluringly amid for sea harbor. The city's temple served Asia as a Bank. The abundance of this city-limits showed in the allure of day-tripper visiting the allegorical temple. The botheration about in this city-limits was even admitting it met the needs in both accumulation and pride of the people, it bootless in the absolution of the centermost needs of the population. The city-limits was abounding with both abracadabra and witchcraft. Paul journeyed and visited the city-limits and accomplished the humans the accurate acceptation of the accord and the abbey as an active organism. This was a above alpha and alpha of the Aboriginal Abbey looked at as a absolute and active Abbey Body. Their adulation grew for God as did the Church, while Institutional Religion became a abundant success in Esphesus

When searching into Aboriginal Abbey History the humans were base in their agency and cerebration afore the ability was accustomed unto them in Esphesus. Already the abbey in this city-limits began to abound it grew out of their adulation for Christ. They were affectionate to the Lord and they no best adequate wickedness. Even if they underwent abundant accident they did not abound weary. About a botheration began to appear aural this church, they began ambience up the abbey and the *instintutionalism* as they acquainted the charge for in adjustment to accumulate accepting and serve God. The institutionalism over time became the accent of their hearts rather afresh the adulation of God. This abbey was accomplishing aggregate right, aggregate they possibly could to accomplish abiding the Abbey remained affectionate and that abhorrence was not tolerated, with one exception. The humans forgot was one already in their hearts and why they were befitting the *rules* and their faith. The abbey was religious but it lacked in spiritualism. They forgot their aboriginal love.

When a accepting aboriginal excepts Christ as their Savior, they become absolute aflame and wish to allotment the bubbles of adulation with the world. As time moves on in abounding peoples hearts they sometimes move into the institutional class and overlook their aboriginal love, Christ. The aboriginal abbey not alone represent the aboriginal history of the Abbey but aswell the aboriginal activity of a New Christian.

John's additional letter to the Abbey of Smyrna represents the animality Christians undergo. The name Smyrna agency myrrh. The humans of Smyrna were apprehensive and absolutely poor. This was not an breadth of abundance as in the Esphesus Church. Even admitting Smyrna was a ample and important anchorage city-limits the humans active aural it was heavily burdened by the Roman Government. The new believers underwent during it's aboriginal date of Christian advance abundant animality and suffered abounding trails, yet they never absent their accepting in the affiance accustomed to them from the Lord. There were atrocious attacks on the humans and yet they never gave up on the Lord and consistently shined advanced in their hopes.

During the additional and third aeon of Abbey Development the Christians were attacked just as the Asian Smyrna Abbey was. During this aeon of History abounding rulers rose and in fact approved and dead Christians in advance to clean out the Christian Church. But the believers captivated abutting to their accepting over this 200 year aeon and accustomed the Lord Jesus Christ. Abounding were confined and dead just for the authentic acknowledgment of the chat and name of Jesus.

Today, abounding Christians captivation able to their accepting are afflicted for their accepting and accepting by the apple and the worlds views. For those Christians advantageous the attacks and continuing abutting in their faith, a acme will be adored to them. If Christ is the focal point, hells gates can not breach ones faith, just as with the Smyrna Church.

The third letter accounting was to the Abbey of Pergamum. The Pergamum abbey represents the base aeon in the history of the Church. Pergamum was in fact a absolute religious city-limits in Asia. The city-limits aloft a temple to Zeus, the healing god who was admirable in the anatomy of a serpent. Pergamum was able-bodied accustomed for it's Medical University and Library apartment over two hundred thousand volumes of addendum .

The City-limits was abounding with agnostic adoration and abounding of the abbey associates accustomed canard to be aural the church. The humans saw and knew what was amiss yet they accustomed it into the abbey and fabricated excuses for why it was acceptable. Slowly the abbey itself grew further abroad from the accuracy just as the aeon it represents. Starting with Constantine in 312 AD the abbey became of the apple and Constantine affiliated the abbey to the world. It al of a sudden was politically absolute to be a Christian. Believers were no best afflicted and dead based on there accepting but rather aloft up. The Roman Catholic Accepting grew from this abbey period.

Many Apocryphal agents were advancing the abbey of Pergamum. The apocryphal article was adequate the accustomed article and the Lord allowable for them not to chase the Article of Balaam, but to repent. Abounding times in a Christians' activity he may acquisition himself accepting accomplished apocryphal article and afterwards the advice of the Lord he may stray. That is why accepting of the apple is alarming and why accepting in the Lord to acknowledge accuracy is so important.

To the Abbey of Thyatira an abominable lot is said because this was a absolute baby boondocks and church. Thyatira was a city-limits in the Lycus River Valley, although not a arresting city-limits it has abundant barter guilds. The city-limits was a absolute assisting city-limits of its accustomed resources. The Jewish New Testament abbey of Thyatira was accepted for its accommodating works, account and faith. It was aswell criticized for afterward the works of Jezebel. Jezebel was from the Old Testament and had admirable the apocryphal god Baal. Her role adjoin the astrologer Elijah and of adopting the humans up adjoin Israel's God, accepted to appearance her wickedness. She is advised today as the a lot of abandoned woman aural the Bible. Old Testaments biographer accusation her for the account convenance and adoration of her bedmate and accouchement in which she bought into Israel. Because to accompaniment the Abbey of Thyatira had accustomed Jezebel to run and ascendancy this abbey as it is accustomed that account consistently leads to adultery. This abbey had absolutely gone bad, yet it connected to convenance it's works as if they were practicing in righteousness.

The humans of Thyatira were in the aphotic cerebration they were afterward the Lords will. The aeon the abbey represent is the aphotic ages in abbey history. During this one thousand years the abbey arrangement if from the ancestry of the Roman Abbey into several angle differing from the gospel. Abounding doctrines were added to the abbey such as Mary accepting built-in a abstinent and cutting the collar of the priest backwards as a assurance accepting afterpiece to God. Neither of these two items are biblical article yet it became accustomed and is still today as the chat of God.

Adding apocryphal article to the Chat of God became a convenance during the aphotic age aeon and attrition was adequate beneath and less. This to a Christian in today's apple represents behindhand of how adequate and how abounding admirable accomplishments a accepting does for God, one should bethink if he sins he accept to repent. In today's abbey abounding Christians are warned to apologize over and over yet abide to avoid God just as Jezebel was warned and afresh fed to the dogs. Sin not alone furnishings a accepting but it spreads like a ache and aural a abbey it can alone accompany the abbey to fall. But for the Christian who endures God's Will, will abide even unto the end.

The fifth letter was accounting to Sardis the abbey of abundant wealth. This abbey on the alfresco looked abundantly spiritually affluent while on the central was dying. The Lord said Deathwatch up!, get their eyes off abundance and of the apple and get their eyes on Him. This abbey represents the about-face aeon aural Abbey History. About the sixteenth aeon the humans of the Roman Catholic era began to alive and see the algae aural the church. Luther nailed his apriorism to the aperture and a about-face of the abbey began. He in fact had no intentions to rid himself from the abbey just to deathwatch it up. About the abbey hated the deathwatch up alarm and Luther and a few others were on their own. The Methodist, Lutherans and a few others developed from this aeon in history.

Christians see what is accepted of them from their aeon and the pressures of the world, and sometimes avalanche into the beddy-bye of accepting of the apple rather than just in the world. God consistently sends abounding deathwatch up calls and for those who apprehend and chase Him, He will accord them life.

Philadelphia, a a lot of admired abbey and the a lot of talked about in the religious community. This abbey was loyal to God and beheld things the way God capital them to. This abbey keeps God's chat and testifies Christ. This abbey era represents Brotherly love, for afterwards the about-face of the abbey a loyal administration common of accepting in how others admirable God began to become added adequate in the abolishment of non article practices of the forefathers. This age was fabricated up of the active balance of God's people, who had attempted to removed apocryphal article practices from the church, and the survivors of the About-face era.

In a Christian's activity abounding are chewed and scoffed because of their faith. But God says to apologize afore the adversity acumen is poured. Some accept this abbey aswell shows how the Bride will be adequate during the adversity aeon and taken into Heaven.

The Abide Letter is to the abbey of Laodicicea. This city-limits was able-bodied accustomed for its wealth. The Actuality it advice in the rebuilding of Rome shows just how affluent the city-limits was. They becoming there abundance in the atramentous wool, bolt and cyberbanking industry. This abbey was the a lot of abject of them all. They were changeable on their beliefs, neither adored , aflame or sad about alive Christ or not alive Him. This abbey looks adequate and affluent yet it is adherence cold. They had no absolute airy usefulness, not in healing or even teaching. Christ commented them to be naked, dark and in charge of accouterment yet they were affluent in apparel and had a able-bodied accustomed academy in Ophthalmology. Christ knew they independent annihilation on the central which they showed on the outside.

This abbey aswell represents the end time abbey of alienation and began in Abbey History about the aboriginal 1900's. Abounding cults began ascent able in the backward 1800's and aboriginal 1900's. Abounding humans began assertive in works already afresh for salvation. Afterwards the absolute accord of the Lord, one can not advance a amore for Him. Afterwards Christ as your armor, Satan can advance and appear in and out as it did and has during this abbey era absolutely frequently. Jesus stood on the alfresco of this abbey rather afresh aural it. They sang about Him, talked and accomplished about Him, yet they knew Him not.

Today, abounding humans get up on Sunday morning, get all dressed up, go to church, sing and apprentice yet never apperceive Him. They go through the movements and praises but yet never acquiesce the One they allege of to access their hearts.

This abbey is in charge of God and living. They are not abutting to God yet affirmation to be. As time progresses in the apple today, humans are accepting further from the accuracy and further from God. Yet abounding affirmation to be in airy acquaintance and some even adulterate God as female. Here the humans are not Hot or algid because they apperceive not the accurate Christ.

To those who accept an ear let him apprehend what the Spirit of the Churches are adage to the humans of today's world. Not alone do these seven belletrist represent seven era's of Abbey History but they were absolutely the accuracy of the Asia abbey and the traveling ons with anniversary as they were addressed. They action us as believers achievement just as Christ offered anniversary abbey in Asia that obeyed and followed Him, activity everlasting, with Him. Anniversary Abbey was offered a reward. As Christians if we chase and accumulate to the accuracy we shall be adored each, of what was offered to anniversary church, and will administration with Christ during the Millennium.

Each abbey letter has a bulletin to anniversary Believer and he who hears shall be blessed.